of Change.

Since its inception, the Tarsadia
Foundation has set out to break cycles
of poverty, create opportunity for
others less fortunate, and partner with
others to create sustainable change.

Our family has passed down
the values of service and
entrepreneurship; we are
grateful for our history and
look forward to the path ahead.

– 1936

BU Born, son of Ukabhai
and Diwaliben. Grew up on a farm
in Singod/Tarsadia village region in

– 1963

BU graduated with a Bachelor of
Commerce from University of
Baroda, Gujarat. Upon graduation
BU, encouraged by his father,
traveled to Africa to explore a new
world and economic opportunities.

He settled in Zambia and
established his first business – a
small general store out of his
home, and went on to build a
successful clothing manufacturing

– 1976

BU led the family to the United
States to pursue education for his
kids and continue his journey as
an entrepreneur.

BU purchased a small motel in
Anaheim. For BU, this was a
chance to start a small business to
support his family and
secure a place for them to live.
With humble beginnings, the
children and parents came
together to run the motel and take
their first steps in the hospitality

– 80s/90s

The family business continued
to grow, becoming leaders in
hospitality, real estate and
investment in Orange County, CA.

– 1999

BU and Pushpa Patel establish the
Singod Foundation to honor the
family’s legacy of giving back to
the community and its
commitments to selfless giving.
The original name referenced the
family village in India.

– 2006

The foundation awards its first
large grant to Bardoli Pradesh
Kelavani Mandal (BPKM), an
India-based education-focused
trust. This partnership planted
the seeds for the launch of Uka
Tarsadia University five years later.

The Foundation works to bring
more structure to its governance,
creating granting committees for
economic empowerment,
education and health, and
launching the Junior Board to
engage the next generation.

The Foundation also writes its first
mission statement and initiates a
formal grant-making process.

– 2009

The Foundation changes its name
to Tarsadia, a region in the state of
Gujarat where the family had its
humble beginnings.

Shirish Dayal is brought on as the
Foundation’s first executive

The Uka Tarsadia University
(UTU) is established in Surat.
Within 8 years, it will be ranked in
the top 200 universities in India.

– 2011

The Foundation organizes its first
service event with Kaboom, a
U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to
bringing balanced and active play
to children, especially those
growing up in poverty.

The Diwaliben Trust is established
to promote education, health and
community development in and
around Tarsadia.

The first Youth Philanthropy
Connect event is held with
Tarsadia as a founding partner. The
project connects youth ages 8
to 21 and seeks to inspire the next
generation of philanthropists.

– 2014

Mike Patel hosts our first Grantee
Reception to recognize partners
and foster community.

– 2015-16

The Foundation strengthens its
philanthropic efforts by establishing
multi-year grants with Orange

County-based organizations.
Partnership established with Big
Brothers Big Sisters of Orange
County and Inland Empire. The
Foundation’s work has touched
more than 250 students since the
partnership began and has achieved
a 95% graduation rate.

Other key partnerships established
with Lestonnac Fee Clinic, Colette’s
Children’s Home and Boys and Girls
Club of Central Orange Coast.

– 2017

The annual Family Retreat heads
to South Dakota for an
educational experience with True
Sioux Hope, where we gained a
better understanding of the issues
facing the American Indian

– 2018

The Foundation celebrates its
10-year anniversary and
completes strategic projects that
will lay the foundation for future
giving. We continue to look at new
strategies in the area of impact

– 2019

Priya Bery brought on as CEO.